Commitment to “Closing the Achievement Gap”

Doug Goodale is an educator committed to supporting programs that help all students succeed academically.  Goodale recognizes that there are many factors that cause the achievement gap between students from different racial or economic backgrounds and he has been committed to narrowing this gap throughout his teaching career.  In order to expand upon his background knowledge and instructional strategies, Goodale completed a Master’s program for educators at Seton Hall University and also enrolled in graduate courses at Bard and Wesleyan Universities.  In addition to his advanced academic studies, Goodale volunteered as a tutor at the Neighborhood House in Morristown, and in the summer of 2013 Goodale taught English to fifth and sixth grade students in the SEEDS program.  SEEDS (Scholars, Educators, Excellence, Dedication, Success) is a comprehensive educational program for students from low income families in the upper-elementary that is designed to provide them with the necessary academic background, skills, and habits to be accepted into private preparatory secondary schools in New Jersey.   Students in the SEEDS program have made great strides that they never believed possible and have been accepted to competitive schools like Delbarton.


Doug Goodale Morristown: Covenant House Supporter

Doug Goodale of Morristown is a high school English teacher at the Delbarton School and is someone who spends most of his time around young people. That may beThis is one reason why he is such an active supporter of Covenant House– he recognizes that everyone is vulnerable, and could fall through the social safety net at any time. Covenant House is acharitable foundation that has provided aid to homeless adolescents in major American cities for more than thirty years. Goodale of Morristown is part of the Covenant House support network and he recently raised nearly a thousand dollars for them in the May 2014 New York Five Borough bike tour. “This past year the agency provided assistance to 77,000 homeless in 21 cities across the US,” he said.Goodale notes that “Covenant House is committed to protecting the rights of young people, and to fighting for their rights. The organization is dedicated to speaking for those who have no voice of their own.”

Doug Goodale: Neighborhood House Volunteer and Tutor

Doug Goodale of Morristown has also tutored and volunteered at Neighborhood House in Morristown, New Jersey. Neighborhood House has helped transition immigrant families into their communities for more than one hundred years, fostering cross-cultural awareness, and assisting working and impoverished families to maximize their educational, social, physical, and economic potential.Whether working with Downs Syndrome students as a high school camp counselor, with low income students in the SEEDS program, or tutoring first generation students, Goodale has been committed to helping young people achieve and be accepted in schoo reach their potential.

Doug Goodale Morristown: Excursion to Philadelphia

Doug Goodale of Morristown began teaching at New Jersey’s Delbarton School in 2006, and has found many ways to inspire his students both in and out of the classroom. In November 2013, he chaperoned a group of Delbarton seventh graders on a trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After a long but invigorating bus ride,Goodaleescorted the group to Independence Hall and the National Constitution Center regular stops on the school’s annual seventh grade trip to Philadelphia where the students get a first-hand look at the origins of the United States, and some of its most cherished documents, institutions, and landmarks. Located in Independence Hall, the National Constitution Center serves as a hub of civic education.

As educational and informative as the trip was, Goodale knew that no trip to Philadelphia would be complete without a stop for the city’s signature culinary treat, a cheesesteak sandwich, and he was cagey enough to save the best for last. They all stopped for what Goodale billed as “the best cheesesteak and pork sandwiches on the East Coast” at Reading Market Terminal. Once back in New Jersey, the bus made a second stop for the students to root for Delbarton’s soccer team that was competing in an important match. “While the students were engaged and interested in learning about how the forefathers of the United States’ government argued over the wording of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution,” Goodale said afterward, “the highlight was joining well over one hundred other Delbarton students in the stands of Lion Stadium on a fantastic night.”

Doug Goodale Morristown: Closing the Achievement Gap: Teaching in the New Jersey SEEDS Program, Volunteering at Neighborhood House, and Raising Funds for Covenant House

Doug Goodaleof Morristown has spent eleven years teaching secondary-level English at two Benedictine Catholic schools in New Jersey and Connecticut. In 2013, recognizing the need to provide motivated low income students with the opportunity to acquire the academic skills and habits necessary to be accepted for admission to Catholic schools like Delbarton, Goodale volunteered to teach English in the summer 2013 New Jersey SEEDS program. SEEDS is a privately funded, non-profit program founded to prepare motivated, high-achieving students from low-income families for admission to competitive private and religious schools. Goodale taught aspiring fifth and sixth grade students from the Newark, New Jersey area. By involving dedicated teachers like Doug Goodale, the SEEDS program ensures that its “graduates” have the knowledge, skills, access, and support to succeed at the finest schools and colleges.

Doug Goodale Morristown: Re-enacting Romeo and Juliet

English teacher Doug Goodale of Morristown has a unique ability to inspire his students at the Delbarton School, a private high school in Morristown, New Jersey where he teaches English courses to eighth, ninth, and tenth grade students. In the spring of 2013, Goodale had his students re-enact scenes from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, recognizing that “Shakespeare did not write his plays to be read, but to be seen in performance.” True to Shakespeare’s era, all of the parts were performed by males and, since it was springtime, all of the scenes were staged outdoors. In preparing his students for the “production,” he reminded them that it was difficult to fully appreciate the humor, romance and tragedy that unfolds in a Shakespeare play without actually seeing the characters in action and hearing the rhythmic pattern of the iambic pentameter verses. For Goodale and his students acting out Romeo and Juliet, all the world truly was a stage!

Doug Goodale began teaching at the Delbarton School in 2006. In addition to his responsibilities as an English teacher, he is the head coach of the middle school cross country and wrestling teams, and club advisor to its rugby team.

Doug Goodale Morristown: A Wrestling Champion

Doug Goodale of Morristown has spent eleven years teaching English and coaching winning teams at two Benedictine Catholic Schools.

Doug Goodale of Morristown has experienced prep sports from the perspective of both coach and participant. He was a New England Champion wrestler in high school, and an All-New England Cross-Country runner at Thayer Academy. He also won the Boston Globe’s All-Scholastic Award in wrestling. Later on, as a student at Franklin & Marshall College, Doug Goodale of Morristown competed at the Division I level in wrestling, and was a starter on the F&M wrestling team for two years.

As a coach, Doug Goodale of Morristown has helped to train teams at the high school level for wrestling, cross-country, and rugby. At the Canterbury School, he coached three All-American wrestlers and led the wrestling team to a third place finish in the New England Preparatory Championships in 2006.

Doug Goodale of Morristown was an assistant coach at the Delbarton School for four years before entering grad school in 2010. He considered it a privilege to coach several state place winners. Delbarton’s wrestling team had its first winning season in a decade during his first year at Delbarton. Three years later the team won its first county championship in two decades, and placed in the top 20 at the nationally recognized tournament, the aptly-named “Beast of the East.”  As an assistant coach of the cross country team, Doug Goodale of Morristown had the opportunity to coach alongside the legendary John Barnicle and Dave Sulley, and saw two of his runners place in the top seven in the New Jersey Meet Of Champions. These runners went on to win the mile and two mile competitions at the Penn Relays. In 2012 and 2014, Doug Goodale of Morristown was proud to see the Rugby Team at Delbarton capture the State Championship title.

Doug Goodale Morristown: A Cyclist’s Paradise

Doug Goodale of Morristown has spent the last eleven years teaching English at the secondary level at two Benedictine Catholic Schools, and coaching wrestling, cross country, track, and rugby teams.

But when the school year ends, Doug Goodale of Morristown likes to spend his summers kayaking and bicycling on Cape Cod, where most of his family lives. There are literally hundreds of miles of dedicated bikeways running through forests, marshlands, rivers, and coastline on Cape Cod, and during the summer, when Doug Goodale of Morristown is there, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of it all.

As Doug Goodale of Morristown knows, the Cape Cod Canal Bikeway follows the Cape Cod Canal through sections of Bourne and Sagamore, respectively. The bikeway is maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers, and offers incredible views of the canal’s boat traffic, along with the area’s quaint shoreline scenery of unique homes and natural beauty. It is suitable for road bikes.

But not all the great biking on Cape Cod is road bike friendly, as Doug Goodale of Morristown knows. Hathaway’s Pond is a short loop around a small lake, and a fat tire bike like a mountain bike is the best choice for riding it.

For hardier riders like Doug Goodale of Morristown, The Trail of Tears offers a twenty-one mile network of singletrack, complete with big ring downhills and short, technical climbs. The Trail of Tears, within the West Barnstable Conservation Area, is one of the most popular riding spots on Cape Cod.

As Doug Goodale of Morristown has learned over the years, Cape Cod is, in many ways, a cyclist’s paradise.

Doug Goodale Morristown: Kayaking With Seals

Doug Goodale of Morristown has spent several summers living in West Dennis, Massachusetts, a part of the town of Dennis, located along the Nantucket Sound.

The Bass River flows alongside the town, and Doug Goodale says the river, which empties into the Sound, is a great place for kayaking. “Kayaking beside seals is definitely more thrilling than just paddling, so Chatham wins for the best place to kayak on the Cape,” he says. “However, it is fun to ride waves on the inlet to Bass River by the end of West Dennis Beach.”

Leisure time in West Dennis, Massachusetts is something that Doug Goodale of Morristown can only indulge in during the summer months. As autumn approaches, he resumes his career as an educator. Doug Goodale of Morristown has spent the last eleven years teaching English at the secondary level at two Benedictine Catholic Schools. At the Canterbury School, he taught American Literature, English 10, U.S. History, and Modern European History for three years.  Since 2006, Doug Goodale of Morristown has taught English 8, English 9, and English 10 at Delbarton School.

In 2012, Doug Goodale of Morristown earned his Master in Education from Seton Hall. He has also taken graduate courses at Wesleyan and the Bard Institute of Writing and Thinking. In the summer of 2013, he was an English instructor in the New Jersey SEEDS program (Scholars, Educators, Excellence, Dedication, Success), which prepares motivated low-income students for admission to private schools.

But sometimes, Doug Goodale of Morristown cannot help but long for the free and easy life in West Dennis. “You can also watch some entertaining kiteboarders there,” he says. “This summer I am going to try windsurfing and kiteboarding, but I will continue to paddle in the late afternoons at West Dennis Beach where there is an exceptional sunset.”