Doug Goodale Morristown: Covenant House Supporter

Doug Goodale of Morristown is a high school English teacher at the Delbarton School and is someone who spends most of his time around young people. That may beThis is one reason why he is such an active supporter of Covenant House– he recognizes that everyone is vulnerable, and could fall through the social safety net at any time. Covenant House is acharitable foundation that has provided aid to homeless adolescents in major American cities for more than thirty years. Goodale of Morristown is part of the Covenant House support network and he recently raised nearly a thousand dollars for them in the May 2014 New York Five Borough bike tour. “This past year the agency provided assistance to 77,000 homeless in 21 cities across the US,” he said.Goodale notes that “Covenant House is committed to protecting the rights of young people, and to fighting for their rights. The organization is dedicated to speaking for those who have no voice of their own.”


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