Doug Goodale Morristown: Excursion to Philadelphia

Doug Goodale of Morristown began teaching at New Jersey’s Delbarton School in 2006, and has found many ways to inspire his students both in and out of the classroom. In November 2013, he chaperoned a group of Delbarton seventh graders on a trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After a long but invigorating bus ride,Goodaleescorted the group to Independence Hall and the National Constitution Center regular stops on the school’s annual seventh grade trip to Philadelphia where the students get a first-hand look at the origins of the United States, and some of its most cherished documents, institutions, and landmarks. Located in Independence Hall, the National Constitution Center serves as a hub of civic education.

As educational and informative as the trip was, Goodale knew that no trip to Philadelphia would be complete without a stop for the city’s signature culinary treat, a cheesesteak sandwich, and he was cagey enough to save the best for last. They all stopped for what Goodale billed as “the best cheesesteak and pork sandwiches on the East Coast” at Reading Market Terminal. Once back in New Jersey, the bus made a second stop for the students to root for Delbarton’s soccer team that was competing in an important match. “While the students were engaged and interested in learning about how the forefathers of the United States’ government argued over the wording of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution,” Goodale said afterward, “the highlight was joining well over one hundred other Delbarton students in the stands of Lion Stadium on a fantastic night.”

Doug Goodale Morristown: Closing the Achievement Gap: Teaching in the New Jersey SEEDS Program, Volunteering at Neighborhood House, and Raising Funds for Covenant House

Doug Goodaleof Morristown has spent eleven years teaching secondary-level English at two Benedictine Catholic schools in New Jersey and Connecticut. In 2013, recognizing the need to provide motivated low income students with the opportunity to acquire the academic skills and habits necessary to be accepted for admission to Catholic schools like Delbarton, Goodale volunteered to teach English in the summer 2013 New Jersey SEEDS program. SEEDS is a privately funded, non-profit program founded to prepare motivated, high-achieving students from low-income families for admission to competitive private and religious schools. Goodale taught aspiring fifth and sixth grade students from the Newark, New Jersey area. By involving dedicated teachers like Doug Goodale, the SEEDS program ensures that its “graduates” have the knowledge, skills, access, and support to succeed at the finest schools and colleges.


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