Doug Goodale Morristown: Kayaking With Seals

Doug Goodale of Morristown has spent several summers living in West Dennis, Massachusetts, a part of the town of Dennis, located along the Nantucket Sound.

The Bass River flows alongside the town, and Doug Goodale says the river, which empties into the Sound, is a great place for kayaking. “Kayaking beside seals is definitely more thrilling than just paddling, so Chatham wins for the best place to kayak on the Cape,” he says. “However, it is fun to ride waves on the inlet to Bass River by the end of West Dennis Beach.”

Leisure time in West Dennis, Massachusetts is something that Doug Goodale of Morristown can only indulge in during the summer months. As autumn approaches, he resumes his career as an educator. Doug Goodale of Morristown has spent the last eleven years teaching English at the secondary level at two Benedictine Catholic Schools. At the Canterbury School, he taught American Literature, English 10, U.S. History, and Modern European History for three years.  Since 2006, Doug Goodale of Morristown has taught English 8, English 9, and English 10 at Delbarton School.

In 2012, Doug Goodale of Morristown earned his Master in Education from Seton Hall. He has also taken graduate courses at Wesleyan and the Bard Institute of Writing and Thinking. In the summer of 2013, he was an English instructor in the New Jersey SEEDS program (Scholars, Educators, Excellence, Dedication, Success), which prepares motivated low-income students for admission to private schools.

But sometimes, Doug Goodale of Morristown cannot help but long for the free and easy life in West Dennis. “You can also watch some entertaining kiteboarders there,” he says. “This summer I am going to try windsurfing and kiteboarding, but I will continue to paddle in the late afternoons at West Dennis Beach where there is an exceptional sunset.”


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